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Health and Safety Compliance Tracking

The Handsam Management System covers every aspect of Health and Safety within a school environment. This ensures that compliance with all statutory and best practice obligations can be evidenced. It works by simply assigning all of the necessary tasks in your school to the relevant member of staff, who is then prompted to evidence their completion.

The system allows managers to produce reports on all aspects of Health and Safety compliance whilst building comprehensive audit trails backed up by the evidence supplied by the users.

The system provides an overview of the Health and Safety compliance of your school, gives complete peace of mind, plus evidence for inspections.

The Handsam System

• Covers every aspect of Health and Safety


• Is easily tailored to your school’s site and set up


• Includes tasks in categories such as; curriculum safety, facilities, first aid, trips and visits, safeguarding students and staff welfare


• Manages Health and Safety tasks efficiently


• Builds comprehensive audit trails


• Sends email alerts to remind staff when tasks are due or incomplete


• Includes templates, example documents and advice


• All system security is in accordance with ICO standards


• Easy to use


• Kept up-to-date for you with the most recent advice, legislation and guidance from the Government


• All staff are working from the same structure and processes • Helps to avoid human error


• Evidence is easily accessible via the cloud and provable to any inspectorate


• Transparent accountability


• Increases protection to staff and students


• Access to education sector experts 

Comprehensive Coverage Includes

 • Adventurous Activities

 • Disability Accessibility

 • Drama and Theatre safety

 • DT Machinery

 • Educational Visits

 • Electric gates

 • Electrical

 • Food Technology

 • Gas

 • Hot Working

 • ICT Safety

 • Kilns

 • Lifts

 • PE and Games

 • Personal Protective Equipment

 • Premises and Grounds

 • Radiation

 • Science chemicals

 • Swimming and Swimming Pools

 • Traffic Movement

 • Ventilation and Air Conditioning

 • Water Features

 • Animals in Schools

 • Asbestos

 • Catering and Nutrition

 • Data Protection

 • Disability

 • Early Years

 • First Aid and Medicines

 • Latest Government and HSE Guidance

 • Legionella

 • Lone Working

 • Managing Contractors

 • Safeguarding and Anti-Bullying

 • Staff Welfare and Stress

 • Template Policies and Risk Assessments

 • Transport and Mini-buses

 • Voice Care

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