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Handsam Essentials

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Specifically designed to offer support for primary schools and academies who may be struggling to afford or access a suitable health and safety support service, HANDSAM ESSENTIALS is a collection of "must-have" compliance and health and safety guides.

In addition to 60 Handsam Essentials health and safety guides, subscribers will also have access to unlimited expert support on any health and safety issue in your facility as well as a complete update service whenever health and safety law or guidance changes.

Replace your existing health and safety support for just £50 +VAT

Watch our explainer video to find out more about the Handsam 

Essentials service

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Easy To Understand

Handsam Essentials  guides are written in plain English and get straight to the point.


Unlimited Support

Assistance is just an email away. If you have any queries regarding health and safety or compliance of your facility, get in touch for expert guidance. 

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Cost Effective

At just £50 +VAT for your first year's subscription, Handsam Essentials is a truly affordable health and safety and compliance support service.

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Plain and Simple

Working through government legislation can be tiring and confusing, so we've done it for you! Our Handsam Essentials guides are easy to read and have useful links to other guidance.


Stay in the Loop

Worried you'll miss a change to health and safety legislation? We'll make sure that as the laws change, it's reflected in our easy-to-read Handsam Essentials guides.


Regular Email Updates

As part of the Handsam Essentials service, we will keep you informed of all the health and safety news and information you need with a regular email updates.

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Free 30 Day Trial

If you're still unsure about the many benefits of Handsam Essentials, then why not take advantage of our no obligation, free trial? 

Still unsure?

Download this example Handsam Essentials Guide about Display Screen Equipment (DSE).

Then, sign up for your free 30 day trial and receive our 10 most popular Handsam Essentials guides. During your trial you will also have access to Handsam's expert support team who will answer any health & safety queries you have.

If you have any further questions about the Handsam Essentials service, please complete this contact form.

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