Radiation Services

Handsam staff have been trained by CLEAPPS to become approved Radiation Protection Officers (RPO). 

Why do you need this service?

By law, every school or academy which holds radioactive sources (normally needed due to substances used for teaching A-Level Science subjects, but may also exist amongst other items found around the school as well) must appoint a suitable staff member as an RPS (Radiation Protection Supervisor). They must also then appoint an external consultant, known in the education sector as the RPO (Radiation Protection Officer) who provides support and accesses high level advice from an RPA (Radiation Protection Advisor).

What does this service provide?

  • Offering remote guidance to your appointed RPS via Handsam’s RPO and liaising with the RPA appointed by CLEAPSS on your behalf

  • Checking your records and procedures remotely

  • An on-site visit once in every 2-year period to formally check your RPS is following the guidance

  • Access to RPA on-site services priced at £800 plus VAT plus travel expenses per day Following the above process ensures you will be fully compliant with the law regarding radioactive materials in schools.

Radiation Protection Service

Handsam can now offer clients access to the CLEAPSS RADIATION PROTECTION ADVISOR (RPA) service. This service will replace that which many schools and academies previously purchased or were provided through the Local Authority, but which often now is unreliable or has been withdrawn completely.

Consequences of not having an RPA

If you hold radioactive sources, your school or academy would be in immediate breach of the Radioactive Substances Act (1993) and the Ionising Radiation Regulations (1999). This would lead to incurring significant cost in disposing of all radioactive sources and also an inability to teach some aspects of the A-Level Science Curriculum.

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