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Environmental Safety

Schools create a lot of waste over the course of a days and weeks and it needs to be disposed of correctly according to the relevant regulations. This course ensures that all staff understand the correct methods of disposal for substances such as chemicals, radioactive sources, batteries and electrical items, and kitchen fats or waste.

Course Presented by: 

Paul Knight


15-20 Minutes

Key topics covered

  • What is your environment?

  • How can you affect your environment - both now and as a legacy for the future?

  • Climate change

  • Biodiversity

  • Managing your environmental impact

  • Understanding and evaluating your environmental impact

  • Water, power, waste, chemicals and pollutants

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • The law and the environment

  • Ways to help, and how to include environmental awareness in the curriculum and day-to-day school life

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