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Accident Reporting and Investigation

The Handsam Incident Log

Our Incident Log is a comprehensive way to record and investigate incidents at your school or academy. This module allows for incidents, near-misses, illnesses, restraints and the administration of medicines to be recorded and investigated, ensuring you are legally compliant.

​The online, dynamic e-form is context sensitive, which focuses the user’s attention on only the relevant information. It holds records on our cloud portal, allowing you to record any incident via tablet, phone or PC, anywhere on your site.

Reports can be analysed in a variety of ways, including by activity, severity, site area, type of accident and person affected. These reports are easily exported to PDF or CSV files. The module also sends auto-alerts and escalation alerts tailored to your requirements. The system also helps you to identify incidents that are RIDDOR reportable.

What is a RIDDOR reportable incident?

These are work-related accidents categorised under the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013. It is the law that requires employers and Governing Bodies to report and keep records of accidents which cause deaths, major injuries, diseases or dangerous occurrences.

It is important to accurately report these things to ensure health and safety at work and prevent future accidents from happening. Handsam's Incident Log is a useful compliance system for schools and makes this process simple. 

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• Ability to record accidents, near misses, illnesses, administration of medicines and First Aid, restraint and reporting of hazards

• Ability to track all incidents throughout the school


• Analysis of data to look for trends and patterns


• Help to decide if an incident is RIDDOR reportable


• Major incident alerts for key staff members


• Structured investigation process


• Ability to upload and collate evidence, such as witness statements and photographs


• Impact assessment for each incident


• An easy-to-use electronic incident recording process


• Data is automatically archived


• Ability to create detailed reports


• Our dashboard makes it easier to spot patterns and intervene where necessary


• Having the knowledge that all staff are recording and investigating incidents correctly and responsibly using the same method


• Ensures key staff members are informed immediately about major incidents


• Prompts on what should be reported to the HSE


• Fully integrates with other Handsam modules

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