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Health and Safety Audit

Handsam’s professional team of Health and Safety auditors can give your school or academy a complete health check, from policies to practice. The supportive and engaging EdSafe audit process will review every aspect of health, safety and welfare in your school or academy. It will then provide you with a full plan report to implement, which will enable you to improve your Health and Safety performance.
The EdSafe audit report covers every aspect of your school and is broken down into 10 key sections:
  • Leadership & Staff
  • Fire Safety
  • First Aid & Medicines
  • Support Services
  • Premises Management
  • Contractor Management
  • Curriculum Safety
  • Pupil Off-Site Excursions
  • Safeguarding and Security
  • Office & Administration
It will also include a review of your COVID-19 policies and procedures.
The EdSafe audit action plan (download an exemplar below) is then fed into the Handsam online management system to prompt the delivery of all points according to priority.


• Full audit of all aspects of health, safety and welfare


• On-site visit from a Handsam expert


• Thorough examination of existing records


• Supportive one-to-one interviews with key staff


• Complete, prioritised action plan


• Ongoing face-to-face, phone and email support


• A reduction in pressure on your staff though impartial advice as to what is absolutely necessary to be compliant

Follow Up to the Audit

• We will produce a prioritised action plan, including any training recommendations


• Discuss the results of the audit with you, raising key points from the action plan


• We will formulate appropriate structures for training management and refresher courses


• Feedback of results and action plan in the Handsam System if you are an existing client

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