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Recording and Reporting Accidents

This Handsam E-Training Centre module covers what your legal duties are in reporting and keeping records about accidents and near misses of staff, pupils and visitors. The course is suitable for all staff who will be involved in any aspect of this process. The module covers all aspects of the law in terms of both RIDDOR reportable and non-RIDDOR accidents and near misses, with practical and clearly detailed examples.

Course Presented by: 

Simon Lowe


25-30 Minutes

Key topics covered

  • What is an accident?

  • What is a near miss?

  • What is a dangerous occurrence?

  • What is an occupational disease?

  • What records must we keep and how?

  • How do I analyse records?

  • What is RIDDOR?

  • What must be reported to the HSE?

  • When must I report to the HSE?

  • How do I report to the HSE?

  • What counts as a ‘work related’ accident?

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